Bicyclist Injured After Being Struck by Allegedly Drunk Cop

A bicyclist was struck and injured early Thursday morning when an off-duty police officer driving his own vehicle allegedly ran a red light and struck the man in the crosswalk.

Witnesses who saw the accident told the New York Post that the bicyclist was traveling down First Avenue when a black Jeep Wrangler blew through a red light on East 16th and hit the bike rider, throwing him from his bike.

When the driver of the Jeep got out of the vehicle to help the bicyclist he was overheard by people gathered around the scene telling the injured man that he was an off-duty police officer who had had a few drinks and simply didn't see him in the crosswalk.

As soon as police arrived on the scene the driver identified himself as Sgt. Louis Guglielmo. The responding officers interviewed Guglielmo and asked him to take breath test. 

Upon refusing to take the test Guglielmo was immediately arrested and charged with a DWI.

EMT's transported the injured bicyclist to a local hospital where he was treated for back and neck injuries.

Sgt. Guglielmo was released without bond after he was arraigned and has been suspended without pay.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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