Wallet Returned Four Years After Being Lost On Rollercoaster


Nearly four years ago, Jon Anson lost his wallet after taking a ride on Hersheypark’s SkyRush roller coaster. His family turned the incident into a running joke where they mention keeping an eye out for the missing wallet any time they visit the park. But now the joke’s over… because the wallet has finally been recovered.

But it didn’t exactly come in the same condition he left it all those years ago. Although Jon’s credit cards, park passes, and gift cards were all intact, he says everything was filled with mold and dust. But some of the gift cards still had remaining balances – Jon says he used the 87 cents left on the Starbucks card just for laughs.

Although Jon and his wife Jen Anson were happy to get the wallet back, along with their “faith in humanity,” their six-year-old son Matthew isn’t thrilled their family tradition is coming to an end. “Now we can’t do the funny story where they say, ‘kids look for my wallet in the bushes’ and that stuff,” he says.

Source: ABC

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