Congestion Pricing Plan Gets a Thumbs Down From the TLC

Taxi and Limousine Commissioner, Meera Joshi has joined the long list of people trying to halt the implementation of the congestion pricing plan.

Congestion pricing which is set to go into effect next month will add a surcharge to all for-hire vehicles that go below 96th street in Manhattan. The plan which was passed earlier his year will add $2.50 to all taxis rides, $2.75 to all Uber, Lyft, and other black car rides. 

Commissioner Joshi told the New York Post, "With so many questions left unanswered, I think the sensible thing is to postpone this until there is a comprehensive congestion-pricing plan."  Joshi said there is no evidence that the surcharge will quell congestion in the designated areas.

"Will it actually deter people from bringing their personal cars in, or will the price of for-hire vehicles and taxis be higher now which will encourage people to bring their personal cars in?"

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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