MTA Warns of Budget Cuts That Could Cause Overcrowding

The MTA is taking action to cut costs, potentially leaving subway riders in the cold this winter.

Among the plans is to change the temperature on subway trains, providing riders with less heat in the winter and less air conditioner in the summer.  The proposal would also result in fewer trains and buses on some lines that could lead to overcrowding.  Trains would also be cleaned less frequently.

NYC Transit President Andy Byford partially blamed fare beaters, saying it costs the MTA over $200 million.  He said the Manhattan D.A.’s decision to stop prosecuting most fare evasions has led to an increase in people beating the fare.

“Every day you see people jumping over the turnstiles, going under the turnstiles and walking through the service gate from the nonpaid area.  So we know that it’s a real issue,” Byford said.

He said the MTA will now try to reduce fare beating itself.  Byford said agency officials would keep watch over some subway stations with the support of police.

News of the service cuts comes as the MTA pushes for a fare and toll hike in early 2019.  Fares for subway and bus rides could increase by four percent.

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