MTA Plans $40 Million in Budget Cuts, Before Fare Hike

With the threat of a fare hike hanging over MTA commuters heads, the news from the Transit Authority continues to get worse.

Just this morning Andy Byford, the President of The MTA purposed a list of cost-cutting moves to the MTA board that could save the agency nearly $40 million dollars. 

The first cut on the list was described as "tightening service guidelines" which translates into more overcrowding.  Byford told the New York Post, "With a little more crowding, we still won't breach the crowding level, but we can get a little closer."

Next on the budget chopping block was your comfort. Get ready for winter travel to be a lot colder and summer travel to be hotter as the MTA takes a miserly grip on the thermostats.

And even though the MTA just reinstated over 30 workers to the overnight cleaning crew because without cleaning crews, trash builds up on the tracks and catches fire which causes delays, they are cutting back the cleaning crews once again.

MTA board member Charles Moerdler says of the proposed cuts, "None of this should be done. None of it."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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