"Encampment" Is No Longer Acceptable Nomenclature

The growing homeless problem in New York City has allegedly inspired the De Blasio administration to use code words to describe specific homeless living conditions. 

According to an article published in the New York Post the mayor's people call an area where the city's HOME-STAT outreach workers find a gathering of vagrants a "hotspot."  The term "pop-up" is used when homeless folks are found living in easily moveable shelters like tents and cardboard boxes.

City Councilman Joe Borelli called the terminology "bureaucratese."  Borelli added, "We should be accurate in describing the real issue with homeless encampments around the city. It seems easier to toss word salads then it does to toss people from our public spaces and into shelters."

Jaclyn Rothenberg, a spokeswoman for the De Blasio administration said, "Whether obstructions are called pop-ups or encampments, we don't allow then in New York City. When they are spotted, they're taken down."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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