Queens Businessman Accused of Poisoning Family

The owner of a Queens air conditioning and HVAC company was in court Tuesday after being accused of attempting to poison a family who had complained about work he did in their home in 2007.

Yuri Kruk, the owner of A+ HVAC and Kitchen Corporation, allegedly grew so tired of the Pinkhasov families constant complaining that he agreed to replace the non-working unit for free. 

Unfortunately, the new A/C unit he installed was loaded with poisonous mercury beads that spread toxic vapors whenever the family turned the unit on.

According to court testimony, just days after the new air conditioning unit was installed the family and their pets began to feel ill. 

Roman Pinkhasov, the owner of the home, called authorities to investigate the situation and that's when the police found a huge cache of mercury hidden in the blower section of the machine.

Prosecutor Gregory Pavlides said, "the toxic metal levels were so high in the house that the cops asked the family to leave immediately."

Kruk's attorney Marvyn Kornberg told the New York Post, "There are a number of people who could have placed the mercury in the vent. This is strictly a circumstantial evidence case."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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