90 People Escape Explosion Thanks to FDNY Evacuation

The FDNY had just evacuated 90 people from the Equinox gym and the surrounding businesses when an explosion blew out the windows on the Upper West Side gym on Sunday night.

Firefighters were initialed called to the building to check out an electrical fire that had started in the basement of the building but once FDNY officials assessed the situation they decided to evacuate everyone from four nearby buildings including 10 employees from a Petco Store and 15 residents from apartments above the gym.

According to a doorman who works across the street from the gym firemen had just set up cones to mark off a safety zone when an orange flash blew the front doors of the gym open and blasted out all of the windows.

The doorman told the New York Daily News that fire and smoke poured out the front of the building briefly and then debris and dust began to settle in the street.

FDNY Assistant Chief John Hodgens said no one was injured in the blast.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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