DOE Tells Yeshivas to Teach More Math, English and Science

The New York City Department of Education has threatened to shut down or cut funding to yeshivas and private institution if they do not up the quality of their curriculum.

The DOE released new guidelines after a three-year investigation found that the learning institutions do not measure up to a "substantially equivalent" of public school educations. During the investigation, 15 Brooklyn yeshivas refused to let officials enter the schools to review classes.

Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia told the New York Post that parents of children who attend these schools will be notified to send their kids elsewhere or their children will be marked as "truant."  Elia added, "We want to ensure that all students receive the education they are entitled to under state education law, no matter which school they attend." 

The new state education guidelines instruct yeshivas to provide at least 1 class per semester that teaches English, math, and science, plus courses in career and tech educations.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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