Snow Causes Travel Nightmare in New York City

Photo Credit:  Alice Stockton-Rossini

People headed to work are hoping for a much easier commute on Friday morning.

Getting home was a disaster on Thursday afternoon with the snow bringing the city and much of the tri-state area to a standstill.  Six inches of snow fell in Central Park.

Buses were delayed by upwards of two hours getting in and out of the Port Authority Bus Terminal, causing officials to actually close part of the building because of overcrowding.  Pictures posted on social media showed large crowds of people waiting in the lobby, as well as on the second and third levels of the bus terminal.  At one point, the Port Authority told commuters to find another way home.

Commuters complained that officials and agencies were unprepared for the storm.  Officials claim the forecast originally called for only a couple inches of snow in the city and they were forced to adjust when the storm was more severe than predicted.

The snow-covered roads also brought traffic to a standstill in many parts of the tri-state area.  New Jersey State Police said they responded to more than 500 traffic accidents on Thursday.  Some drivers said it took them hours to travel just a few miles.

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