MTA Plans Fare Hike

The MTA is painting a dire financial picture and is asking riders for more money.

The agency is moving forward with planned fare hikes early next year for the subways, buses and railroads.  It’s also planning toll increases at its bridges and tunnels.

One plan would raise the subway and bus fare to $3 per ride, while increasing the pay-per-ride bonus to 10 percent.  The second plan would keep the base fare at $2.75, but would completely eliminate the bonus.

“Until we can get these sustainable and additional revenue streams, we really have no choice but to look everywhere, including our riders,” NYC Transit President Andy Byford said.

The proposal would raise Long Island Railroad and Metro North fares by 4 percent.  Tolls would jump by 8 percent.

Even with the increases, the MTA said it would still be running at a deficit.  Officials say without another source of funding, they’ll need further fare hikes and service cuts.

Photo Credit:  Getty Images

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