Subway Fight Leaves a Commuter With a Face Full of Stitches

A late evening commuter brawl left one man with a face full of stitches and the NYPD hunting for a slasher.

The riders on the Manhattan-bound Brooklyn #2 train watched as two men argued and then fought over a perceived act of disrespect. Witnesses told the New York Daily News that a seated rider became enraged at another strap-hanger who was checking out a subway map posted on the inside of the train car. 

Commuter David Ryan said, "The seated guy took offense when the guy checking out the map made eye contact with him. The seated guy got up and started yelling in the other guy's face." 

The victim of the attack told police that he walked to another car in an attempt to get away from the angry commuter, only to have the man follow him and slash him across the face with a box cutter. 

The victim was treated for a facial laceration and released from the hospital.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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