Protests Over Amazon’s Move to Long Island City

A protest is taking place on Wednesday after Amazon announced it would establish part of its second headquarters in Long Island City, Queens.

Governor Andrew Cuomo and the state are offering the company more than $1 billion in tax breaks to move into an area near the East River.

“This is the largest economic development initiative that has ever been done by the city or the state, or the city and the state together,” Cuomo said.

Amazon is promising to create 25,000 jobs and invest $2.5 billion into the community. 

But some lawmakers and community leaders are upset with the incentives Amazon is being given to come to Queens.  They’re protesting on Wednesday, claiming that money would be better spent on education, transit or public housing.  Residents also fear Amazon’s presence in Long Island City could drive up their rent.

“The City and State are working closely together to make sure Amazon's expansion is planned smartly, and to ensure this fast-growing neighborhood has the transportation, schools and infrastructure it needs," Mayor Bill de Blasio said.

The other part of Amazon’s second headquarters is being set up in northern Virginia.

Photo Credit:  Getty Images

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