NYPD Officer Helps Tourist See Hamilton

A New York City police officer is being publicly praised after helping a woman from Ireland see the Broadway hit “Hamilton.”

The tourist identified as Geraldine had been waiting in line for “Hamilton” tickets for four days.  When it was time to pay, she discovered she was $20 short.

That’s when Officer Dicandia stepped in to help.

“He pulled a 20 out of his pocket so she didn’t have to throw away her shot,” the NYPD said on Twitter.

The department posted a picture of Officer Dicandia standing in front of the Richard Rodgers Theatre.

“We were totally overjoyed when he opened his wallet and just handed us 20 dollars.  My daughter was crying.  It was without doubt the best night & would not have been possible without Officer DiCandia's kindness,” Geraldine said in a note addressed to the mayor’s office.

Photo Credit:  Getty Images

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