Study: Women Pay Up to $50 More Per Month for Travel in NYC

A new study says women in New York City pay upwards of $50 more for transportation per month because of fears for their safety.

The study by NYU’s Rudin Center for Transportation finds that 75 percent of women report being harassed on public transit in the city.  Because of that, many women won’t take the subway or bus at night - believing it’s safer to take for-hire vehicles and taxis.

That adds up to an additional $26 to $50 per month that women pay on average for transportation in the city.

Of those that were harassed, 88 percent said they didn’t report the incident to authorities.  Most said they believed nothing would be done about it.

“The notion of reporting everyday harassment to the authorities is bizarre to me.  What would they do?” one respondent said to researchers.

The study said that 54 percent of women questioned during the research are concerned about being harassed on public transportation and 13 percent admit it’s even impacted how they dress.

The survey found that 86 percent of the harassment incidents happened in the subway system.

Source:  NYU's Rudin Center for Transportation

Photo Credit:  Getty Images

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