Snow on the Way for Tri-State Area

We’re still a week away from Thanksgiving, but we’re expecting our first snowfall of the season on Thursday.

New York City is expected to receive a trace to a couple of inches, with the snowfall beginning in the afternoon. 

“It’s going to get very, very slushy in the afternoon.  The evening commute is going to be sort of miserable,” Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn Garcia said.

A travel advisory and snow alert have both been issued and alternate side of the street parking rules are suspended.

“We intend to be across the city evenly.  It’s very difficult to predict from the south shore of Staten Island to the north shore of the Bronx what’s going to be worse,” Garcia said.

The worst of the snowfall could happen north and west of the city, especially in northwest New Jersey.  Several schools in that part of the state have already issued early dismissals.

In most places the snow might not even stick to the roads.  The snow is expected to switch over to rain by nightfall.

Photo Credit:  Getty Images

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