Senator Schumer Wants FAA to Regulate Airline Seats

Senator Chuck Schumer is calling on the FAA to address the size of seats on airlines.

Schumer said the size continues to shrink as airlines work to fit more passengers on planes.

It's unacceptable for comfort. It's unacceptable for safety. The airlines are making record profit. They don't have to jam us in like sardines,” Schumer said during a news conference on Sunday.

The Senator said he’s among those uncomfortable on planes.  He said he often has to take the magazines out of the pouch in the seat in front on him just to have enough legroom.

Schumer is also concerned what would happen if there were an emergency.

“God forbid there's an accident that's much harder to get off and we need to change that and change it now,” Schumer said.

Photo Credit:  Getty Images

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