New NYC Restaurant Caters To Introverts

Don't like to talk to people? A new Japanese restaurant just opened in New York City, and it caters specifically to introverts. The ramen shop Ichiran in Midtown invites customers to dine by themselves in booths… and you don’t even have to speak to a waiter.

Instead, you fill out a form with your order, which a waiter silently takes from you. Then voila, your piping hot bowl of ramen appears in just a few minutes. When you’re done, don’t worry about calling for the server – you just push a button and your dishes are taken away.

Solo dining is apparently a popular practice in Japan. It’s thought that if you eat in solitude, you can focus more on the food’s flavor for a better dining experience. But don’t expect a variety of food options at Ichiran – because of the simplistic ordering process, the menu is pretty simple, too.

Source: NBC New York

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