Saucy New Museum Opens in Brooklyn

Though it may sound like a cheesy tourist trap, New York City is now the home of the Museum of Pizza.

The month-old establishment located on the street level of the William Vale hotel in Brooklyn is an artistic tribute to all things pizza. The exhibits range from a pizza shaped guitar to vintage photographs of the fast food treat.

Alexandra Serio, the woman behind the museum told the New York Post, "Our approach to this Museum of Pizza is a fine art approach, so we went out to multiple artists contemporary in many mediums, and asked them for their interpretation of pizza."

The pop-up museum has been an immediate hit with tourists and local pizza lovers, welcoming over 6000 visitors so far.

Pizza lover Lydia Melendez said she bought her ticket for the museum in April but didn't know what to expect.  "I thought it was going to be kinda boring like I'm going to walk in and there's just going to be a book about pizza and how to make it."

The Museum of Pizza is only open until November 18 and costs $35.00 for adults. Kids under 5 and senior citizens are admitted for free.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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