Accused NY Subway Bomber Now A Convicted Man

A 28-year-old Brooklyn man linked to ISIS was convicted yesterday in connection with a terror attack after setting off a pipe bomb inside a subway in Times Square. As you might recall, Akayed Ullah tried to blow himself up on December 11th in a passageway connecting two subway stations. In all, five people sustained minor injuries – while Ullah was more severely burned.

Ullah pleaded not guilty – and during the course of the investigation and trial said that he never had terrorism on his mind…rather, he was upset with President Trump specifically. He repeated that claim yesterday after the decision came, telling the judge, “I was angry with Donald Trump because he says he will bomb the Middle East and then he will protect his nation."

In the end, the Bangladeshi immigrant is guilty on six counts and is facing life in prison. His sentencing date is pending.

Source: New York Times

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