Leased Luxury Car Draws Interest of State Election Board

State Senator Jesse Hamilton from Crown Heights, Brooklyn has drawn the interest of the media after he allegedly used campaign funds to partially pay for the lease of a new Mercedes Benz E300.

New York State law prohibits candidates from using contribution money to buy or lease vehicles unless they are used for campaign purposes or used while performing public office duties.

Hamilton lost his September Democratic primary to Zellnor Myrie and will be out of office come January.  

Hamilton is still listed on the ballot but conceded the race on social media and thanked his supporters.

Legal political sources claim that Hamilton would not see any legal repercussions because of New York's questionable election laws.

Election attorney Marty Conner told the New York Post, "He's still got a campaign going and he's still in office." Conner added,  "Technically he's probably OK.  But it's stupid. What does he do in January when he's out of office?"

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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