Politicians Go to War Over Controversial Police Technique

The controversial police technique known as ‘Stop and Frisk' has started a war of words between two political combatants on Staten Island.

Dan Donovan, the incumbent GOP Representative says the practice of stop and frisk has helped make New York the safest big city in the country. His Democratic opponent Max Rose claims the act is unconstitutional.

Rose told the New York Post, "Not only was stop and frisk unconstitutional, but it was also used and abused by Mayor Bloomberg's administration to force quotas on New York's finest." Rose continued, "The government should not keep a database of innocent Americans. Not only has the NYPD demonstrated they can do their job without it, but the can excel."

Donovan's spokesperson Jessica Proud said, "He (Rose) is trying to mask his radical liberal positions, but in reality, he is firmly anti-law enforcement who supports cops being prosecuted." Proud added, "No wonder the entire law enforcement community has rejected his candidacy and endorsed Donovan."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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