Two Dead After Helicopter Crashes Into Power Lines

The video above shows a helicopter crash that killed two and injured two others when the craft struck power lines during repair work. The chopper was carrying four people when it struck the wires on Burke Road in Beekmantown, New York on Tuesday.

After the aircraft struck the power lines it burst into flames which caused sheriff deputies to just straight into action.

Clinton County emergency services director Eric Day told local NBC5 “A couple of the deputies started immediately performing lifesaving measures on two of the individuals.” He went on to say “They dragged them away from the fire, away from the crash scene and actually initiated CPR on one of the individuals.”

The pilot, Robert Hoban Jr. of Shamang, New Jersey was once married to the owner of the helicopter company called Catalyst Aviation. Maria Palmer told the New York Post “I had the privilege to once be married to one of the men that lost their life today. He was the father of our children and one of my dearest friends.” She had this to say about the other victims “Finally, and tragically, Robert was not the only loss of life. I never met this man and I know his family is as ours, suffering and hoping to wake up tomorrow knowing it was a nightmare and hug their beloved Jeremy. My heart is breaking for each of you.”

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