Thousands Of Officers To Patrol NYC Marathon


The New York City Police force will be out in full force during the New York City Marathon. Expect a heavy dose of police presence on the streets, bridges, rooftops, in the air and on the sea to keep runners and spectators at the New York City Marathon safe, NYPD officials said. 

While Police Commissioner James O’Neill said they are not dealing with any credible threats pertaining to Sunday’s marathon, there will be a very noticeable police presence to protect the 51,000 runners and 2.5 million spectators expected to participate in the race.

The city is also still recovering from last year’s Halloween terror attack, when a man driving a pickup truck along a bike path by the Hudson River mowed down pedestrians and cyclists, killing eight people and injuring 11 others.

Officials are also calling on runners and spectators to notify police immediately if they see something suspicious. 

Source: CBS News

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