Bones Found in Basement of Long Island Home

A gruesome and bizarre Halloween discovery was made on Long Island.

A 57-year-old man digging up the basement of his home in Lake Grove found human bones.  Michael Carroll believes they’re the remains of his father, George Carroll, who has been missing since 1961.

“It was just always a family legend or lore that the father was buried in the basement since 1961,” Suffolk County Detective Lieutenant Kevin Beyrer said.

Michael Carroll grew up in the home with his siblings and their parents.  The mother died in 1998 and never gave her children an explanation about what happened to their father.

“They never got straight answers when they would ask.  They never really knew what happened,” Beyrer said.

Authorities will now work to determine whether the remains belong to George Carroll.  It’s unclear how the who the person that the remains belong to died.

It’s unclear why the family suspected their father was buried in the basement.

Photo Credit:  Getty Images

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