Subway Signal Fix Should Speed Up Commute

The MTA's Save Safe Seconds program, which monitors the speed trains travel has discovered 191 malfunctioning signal timers which can cause trains to automatically stop if they exceed certain speeds near a faulty signal.

The MTA which has tested 90% of the signals in the subway system told the New York Daily News that one stopped train can cause a domino effect that can delay several different lines for hours.

Barry Greenblatt, NYC Transit's subway service honcho said, "We're looking for places where we can safely increase speeds."

A train operator who wished to remain anonymous said, "Everybody is afraid of any kind of mishap, even when it's not your fault." The employee added she was disciplined after a 20 MPH signal tripped when she passed it at 5 MPH. 

A union steward and veteran train operator said, we should be able to pass the signals at the posted speed without tripping a signal.

The malfunctioning signals on the 1 and Q lines will the first to be fixed.

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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