Murder Suspects Noshed After Killing Victim

Moments after allegedly murdering and attempting to dismember Joseph Comunale's body, James Rackover and Larry Dilione sat down to an early dinner, according to Connecticut Assistant District Attorney Racheal Ehrhardt.  

Ehrhardt presented and read aloud to the courtroom the invoice found at the crime scene.

Court papers suggest Comunale, Rackover, and Dilione met the morning of the alleged murder and made plans to buy and then party with cocaine back at Rackover' s apartment. When the deal went bad prosecutors speculate that Rackover and Dilione murdered and attempted to hack up Comunale's body in the bathtub.

Police officials say when they found the victim's body slumped over in the bathtub of Rackover' s Grand Sutton apartment it had serrated knife marks that showed the murderer had tried to cut the arms off the body.

Detective Daniel Smith told jurors sitting for the Rackover trial that he found blood all over the suspect's apartment during his investigation.

According to the New York Post Larry Dilione will be put on trial after the completion of Rackover's.

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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