Jury Duty Dodger Fined $500

Andrew Kenward got a $500 lesson on the importance of performing his civic duty after trying several times to skip out on jury duty.

Judge William Pauley grew so weary of the excuses from the White Plains Certified Public Accountant he summoned the man and the three doctors who supplied him with medical excuses designed to dismiss him from serving on a jury to appear in front of the court.

Witnesses told the New York Post that as soon as Kenward showed up in the courtroom he was squawking "This is not right, this is not fair." Another court source said Kenward was asking anyone within earshot who was going to reimburse him for his trip into the city.

Once in front of Judge Pauley, Kenward started rattling off a laundry list of excuses that were supposed to prove he was far too busy to serve on any jury. The list cited: chronic back pain, tight work deadlines, his need to care for an elderly parent, and his clients' needs.

After Judge Pauley allowed Kenward to speak his piece he addressed the courtroom. "If other parties sought to game the system like Mr. Kenward, the integrity of our judicial system would be impaired. This is a case that screams out for sanctions."

 Kenward was fined $500 and ordered to serve jury duty.

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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