Possible Hate Crime Settled as Disorderly Conduct

A New Year's Eve assault initially considered a hate crime has been settled under a plea agreement in Manhattan District Court.

Jacqueline Kent Cook was sentenced to three days community service on a disorderly conduct infraction for clubbing Matthew Haberkorn over the head with her handbag after he confronted her for allegedly saying, "Hurry up, you Jew" to his elderly mother as the family was leaving a party at the swanky Upper East Side eatery Caravaggio's.

Manhattan District Attorney Prosecutor Sarah McAteer told the New York Post that the plea deal was offered because the injuries suffered by Haberkorn were not serious and the family was amenable to the decision.

Cooke, who is the daughter of the late Washington Redskin Owner, Jack Kent Cooke insisted that she never said anything about Jews and that Mrs. Haberkorn had misheard her.

Cooke said nothing at the plea deal hearing but agreed to return in January to prove she served her community service.

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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