3,000 NYPD Body Cams Pulled From Service

The New York City Police Department is suspending the use of nearly 3,000 body cameras after one of them exploded.

A Staten Island officer was wearing the body cam on Saturday night when it began smoking.  The officer took it off and then it exploded.  The officer was not injured.

Out of “an abundance of caution,” Police Commissioner James O’Neill has told 2,990 officers using the Vievu model LE-5 body cams to stop wearing them.  They’ve been told to bring them back to their commands where they are being collected by the department.


The NYPD said the incident showed that there’s the potential for the battery to ignite.  It’s investigating the cause and scope of the defect.

“Nothing is more important that the safety of our officers, and equipping the NYPD with the best equipment is a paramount priority,” the NYPD said in a statement.

Officers equipped with the LE-4 body cameras are unaffected.  They will continue wearing them.

Photo Credit:  Getty Images


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