Measles Outbreak in Jerusalem Impacts Williamsburg Community

The New York City Health Department issued a warning to families who plan on traveling to Jerusalem. The country is currently in the midst of a measles outbreak.

In the Williamsburg's Orthodox Jewish community six cases of the virus have been confirmed in children who have visited the country. Four of the six ill children had not been vaccinated.

Acting New York City Health Commissioner Dr. Oxiris Barbot told the New York Post, "Although measles is preventable, too many families are choosing to not vaccinate, putting their children and other children at risk."

New York State medical officials recently reported a dozen cases of the virus in areas outside of the city. Of those dozen cases, five have visited Israel.

 Medical officials in Jerusalem released a report indicating 341 people have the virus. 

Community and Religious leaders in Williamsburg recently held a meeting to inform residents on measures that will prevent the virus from spreading.

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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