Audit Outlines NJ Transit’s Problems

An audit ordered by Governor Phil Murphy has uncovered a number of problems at NJ Transit and has offered a series of recommendations.

The report called on NJ Transit to streamline its organizational structure and to be more transparent with the public.  It said the agency should improve its hiring practices and do a better job communicating travel problems with its customers.

“This is fixable.  It is within our grasp and it’s fixable in our grasp in a reasonable amount of time,” Governor Phil Murphy said.

Among the recommendations from the report is for NJ Transit to find a more sustainable source of funding.  It’s unclear where that money will come from though.


“We need to sit down, take this audit, sit down with legislative leadership on both sides of the aisle and figure that questions out,” Murphy said.

Murphy ordered the audit soon after coming into office amid mounting delays and cancelations at the railroad.  He has often blamed his predecessor, former Governor Chris Christie for the state of NJ Transit.

“These audit results and recommendations will serve as the road map to rebuild NJ Transit to the national leader it once was,” NJ Transit Executive Director Kevin Corbett said in a statement.  “We have already begun the process of making important reforms which will provide the residents of New Jersey with a transportation system they deserve.”

Photo Credit:  Getty Images


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