Man Shot Twice During Mugging But Still Doesn't Give Up His Cash

Ronald Brown told the New York Daily News that even though he was shot twice in an attempted robbery, he's glad he ran away from the crooks when he had the chance and didn't hand over his money.

The 58-year-old retired truck driver and his friend, Harry Pyfrom, got out of their cars in Morris Heights, in the Bronx at about 12:15 p.m. Saturday. As they walked down the street they were approached by a group of young men who pulled a gun and demanded all of their money. 

Upon seeing the gun, Pyform made a break for it and got away, when Brown saw his friend turn and run he decided to hi-tail it too. Unfortunately for Brown he caught two bullets, one in the back and one in the buttocks.

After Brown was away from the muggers he called 911. When the police arrived they found Brown alert and able to give them a description of the men who were involved in the attempted robbery.

Brown was taken to a local hospital to be treated for the two gunshot wounds. Once doctors examined Brown they decided to leave both bullets in his body because of an earlier back injury.

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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