Twitter Sent SOS Helps Free 13 People Stuck In Elevator

A social media sent call for help secured the rescue of 13 people trapped in a busted elevator at the Clark Street subway station. 

Talia Kovacs sent a tweet that read, "We have been stuck in the #clarkstreet elevator for the past 10 minutes. @ NYCTSubway  @NYC311 There are 13 of us in here Please Send Help."  after she and 12 other people became trapped in a stalled elevator.

The Tweet was answered 50 minutes later when members of the FDNY dropped a ladder down the elevator's roof escape hatch. First responders had to assist several elderly people up the ladder to safety.

A freed Talia Kovacs told the New York Daily News that at least four of the stranded people would be penalized financially by their employer for being late to work.

Subway disrepair and budget issues have caused friction between state and city politicians over the past several months.

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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