Flood Waters Fill New Jersey’s Streets

People in several New Jersey towns are cleaning up a mess on Wednesday morning, following a rainstorm that caused flooding throughout the state.

Several inches of rain fell in areas like Bayonne, causing flood waters to rush through the streets of the city.  Residents say that water got into their basements and caused damage.

"I'm not even going to work today because I have to dry everything out," one woman told WOR's Alice Stockton-Rossini.

The flood waters stranded people in their cars, with nearly a dozen people needing to be rescued in Bayonne.  Residents report having to drain their cars of water and one said they haven't seen anything like this since Hurricane Sandy.

"I saw a couple of cops with orange rafts with people in the rafts.  I don't know where they got those people from," one woman said.

In Fairview, more than 100 people had to be rescued by firefighters.  They became trapped in an industrial building by water that began to fill the structure.  Everyone was rescued and are okay.

Several roads remained closed on Wednesday morning in New Jersey because of the flooding.

In New York City, the rain also caused a mess in the subway system.  One commuter posted video on Twitter of water leaking from the ceiling of a station on 50th Street.

No injuries were reported.  However, many cars were damaged throughout the tri-state area.

Photo Credit:  Getty Images

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