Is Open And Ready For Business is open and ready for your smarmiest, most unlawful, and corrupt bits of hearsay information on Gov. Andrew Cuomo thanks to his Republican opponent Marc Molinaro. The website features a black and white photo of a scowling Gov. Cuomo.

Molinaro claims he was driven to open after he and his team received countless calls on the governor and his administrations' bad political practices. Molinaro released a prepared statement in the New York Post that read, "For months, my campaign has been receiving information from courageous state employees seeking to expose corruption and frustrated by the refusal of New York State law enforcement figures to act on what they view as clear illegalities." Molinaro added, "In creating, we are speaking directly to those brave individuals, and others like them, and providing them with a secure, confidential online tool with which they can pass along information that needs to see the light of day."

Cuomo campaign spokesperson Lis Smith said the website is "the latest desperate gimmick from Trump mini-me Marc Molinaro and his flailing campaign."

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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