Man Gets Stabbed In The Neck After Refusing Beggar

A homeless man in Brooklyn was arrested for allegedly jamming a steak knife into the neck of a man who refused to give him a dollar.

Witnesses' statements to the police say that a well-known street person who goes by the name "Omar" approached the victim while he was standing at the corner of Mother Gaston Boulevard and New Lots Avenue and asked him for a dollar. When the victim told the panhandler to "Get out of my Face," the suspect allegedly jammed a steak knife in his neck.

Witness Mattrell Merritt- Coles told the New York Post that she saw the two men square off like they were about to fight when suddenly "Omar" pulled a knife from his pants and stabbed the victim in the neck. Merritt-Coles added that as soon as the victim hit the ground the suspect dropped the knife and fled the scene.

While trying to elude the law "Omar" ran into two officers who were patrolling the area and was quickly detained. Officers called paramedics to help the downed victim but ended up transporting him to the hospital themselves when the ambulance was delayed by traffic.

The victim is convalescing in Brookdale Hospital.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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