Flawed Drug Test Leaves Cabbie Behind The Wheel

A cab driver gets to keep his hack license even after he tested positive for marijuana thanks to a mistake made by the lab used by the Taxi and Limousine Commission.

Makhou Diaw's was let off the hook because of a paperwork snafu made by the Laboratory Corporation of America, the institution used by the TLC to drug test all of their drivers. The faulty report stated that Diaw had tested positive for cocaine instead of marijuana.

Diaw, who was pulled over for a traffic violation this June was ordered to take a drug test by the TLC to determine if he was driving while impaired. Diaw was tested and did indeed have enough marijuana in his system to have his license revoked and be dismissed from his job but the cabbie caught a major break when Judge Kevin Casey ruled that the lab's errant report mistakenly reported the substance as cocaine instead of marijuana.

Judge Casey called the report "flawed and contradictory." The judge's statement which appeared in the New York Post said, though there may have been a good explanation for the errors that occurred, no such evidence was offered.

Neither the TLC nor Makhou Diaw has released a comment on the outcome of the case.

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