NYC Public Schools Have A Major Busing Problem

In the first four days of the school year, the NYC Department Of Education has received 67,075 complaint calls from parents whose children had trouble with school bus delays and no-shows.

The transportation issues ranged from drivers getting lost on their routes to scores of students throughout the city not being picked up. School officials in Queens had to send a bus driver back out to his route after he showed up at the beginning of the day without one student on his bus.

Alphonso Reyes emailed Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza and complained that his disabled son was an hour late for class after the driver took over two hours to get to the child's school which is only 25 minutes away from their Bronx home. Reyes told the New York Daily News, "It's nice that the chancellor emailed me back, but now what's going to happen. Kids are missing school and it's not fair."

The City Council Education Committee Chair Mark Treyger released a statement that said a probe would be conducted to determine how and why the busing system for NYC schools has failed.

Democratic Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer of Queens said, "Whoever is responsible for this debacle should be fired."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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