MTA Subway Station Suffers Another Security Breach

Security issues continue to be a problem at the 96th Street subway station. The latest breach allowed a homeless man to walk into the women's locker room, undress, shower, and walk out the doors without being questioned.

MTA union activist Tramell Thompson presented the MTA honchos with a 1-minute video he shot exposing more security problems at the worker's locker-room including, taped over door locks, non-working alarms, and jimmied deadbolts.

Thompson told the New York Post that he was punished by the MTA officials because he posted the video to the internet, which the MTA said could compromise the safety of the workers at the station. Thompson said he probably embarrassed the MTA brass with all the safety concerns he presented and that's why he was reprimanded. 

Transit Workers Union spokesperson Pete Donahue said the union will represent Thompson to fight any of the disciplinary action taken by the MTA.

The 96th Street station was vandalized just 3 weeks ago when a train that was parked on the tracks overnight was completely covered in graffiti.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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