Royal Dog-Napping Case Solved on the Upper East Side

Baroness Elvira Esterhazy was reunited with her beloved pooch Shadow after a bogus dog trainer snatched him and held him for ransom.

The 89-year-old Baroness told the cops that she made a deal with Ivan Olivera, a self-proclaimed dog trainer. The deal was if she taught Olivera English, he would teach Shadow how to behave like a royal pooch should.

Everything was going well until Olivera called the Baroness while walking the dog and told her she'd never see her beloved Australian cattle dog again unless she coughed up a $1,000 ransom.

As soon as Olivera told the Baroness where and when to drop off the loot, she called the cops and helped set up a sting operation to get her dog back. Just as the dog and money exchange went down, Olivera was arrested by undercover officers who had accompanied Esterhazy to the agreed meeting place.

Baroness Esterhazy told the New York Post that she was disappointed in Olivera and upset that Shadow hadn't been properly trained. Esterhazy said she will continue to seek a dog trainer to break the pup of his aggressive tendencies towards other dogs.

Olivera was released without bail and his arraignment date is not known.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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