Low Level Marijuana Warrants Scrubbed in NYC

Over 3,000 New Yorkers with outstanding marijuana cases languishing in the legal system can breathe easy thanks to the decision to dismiss all minor marijuana infractions enacted Wednesday by District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. and Judge Kevin McGrath.

3,042 low-level pot busts dating back to the 1970s were vacated after an investigation found that 46 percent of the arrests were made on people who were under 25-years-old and 80 percent of the arrests were made on people of color.

Vance told the New York Daily News that, "New Yorkers with warrants face unnecessary employment, housing, and immigration consequences because they fear that they will be arrested for an open warrant, they don't collaborate with the NYPD and district attorneys to keep our communities safe. 

"We're taking one small step toward addressing the decades of racial disparities behind the enforcement of marijuana in New York City," he added.

Those NYC residents who wish to check on their outstanding warrants may contact defender services with inquiries, though they are not required to.

Photo Credit Getty Images

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