Failed Terrorist Allegedly Stabs Prison Guard

Ali Saleh, an inmate at the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center is facing new charges after he allegedly knifed a guard and wished death upon him. 

Saleh is currently being held in Brooklyn while waiting to find out where he will be serving 35 years behind bars for supplying information and attempting to sneak into Syria to join the terrorist group Isis. He is accused of stabbing an unidentified guard who was patrolling a recreational area of the prison. 

After the guard was stabbed, witnesses alleged they heard the suspect pray for the death of the victim. The victim of the stabbing told prosecutors that Saleh said, "I hope you die" after he stabbed the guard.

The 25-year-old failed terrorist is now facing counts of possessing contraband in prison and assaulting a federal officer. His arraignment on the new charges is scheduled for Thursday, according to the New York Post.

The unidentified officer is still recovering from the July 13th attack and has yet to determine if he will return to the job.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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