Traffic Problems Possible at Lincoln Tunnel

Drivers are once again being warned about a possible traffic nightmare at the Lincoln Tunnel.

Long term construction continues on Route 495, closing a lane in each direction near the tunnel.  So far there haven’t been any major problems, but officials worry traffic could get bad now that people are returning to work and school.

Officials have urged commuters to carpool or find an alternate way into New York City.  Drivers seemed to listen to the warnings, because on Tuesday morning there were just the typical weekday rush hour delays.

The construction is coming at the same time that NJ Transit has been plagued by delays and cancelations.  The railroad blames an engineer shortage and work to install Positive Train Control for the problems in recent weeks.

There was one issue at the Lincoln Tunnel on Tuesday morning unrelated to construction. A disabled vehicle caused the center tube to be closed for a time, but the problem was quickly cleared.

Construction work will continue until 2021.

Photo Credit:  Getty Images

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