Sore Losers Assault One-Armed Bandits

Resorts World Casino in Queens has had to call the NYPD 491 times since they've opened in 2011 because drunk and frustrated gamblers physically assault slot machines when they lose their cool.

Sources at the gambling hall told the New York Post that gamblers who have had a run of bad luck take out their frustrations on the one-armed bandits by smacking, punching and body-checking the machines. 

"Sometimes guy punch the machines really hard," said a casino employee who wished to stay anonymous. "They are very fragile and easy to break." 

The repair bills on the slot machines can run from $600 to $1,400 depending on the age and complexity of the machine.

When the machines get assaulted, casino management gives the angry gamblers a choice: pay to have the machine fixed or get arrested on a criminal mischief charge and get banned from the casino.

Resorts World Casino has over 6,000 slot machines on the gaming room floors.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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