Convicted Child Killer Assaults Prison Guard

Convicted child killer Levi Aron attacked a female prison guard when she made the mistake of getting to close to his cell while patrolling its block. 

Aron, a Brooklyn native who pleaded guilty to kidnapping and murdering 8-year-old Leiby Kletzy in 2012, is serving 37-years-to-life in the Sullivan Correctional Facility. 

He allegedly grabbed the corrections officer by the wrist and attempted to pull her through the bars leaving her with cuts and bruises to her face, arms and legs.

The 2012 murder of Leiby Kletzy drew national attention after Aron flatly spelled out the cold and calculated method he used to kill the child.  

In court testimony, Levi Aron admitted to finding 8-year-old Leiby Kletzy wandering around lost in Borough Park Brooklyn. He kidnapped the boy, bringing him to his apartment where he kept the child alive for several days until the community launched a door to door manhunt. 

With panic setting in Aron told the court that he smothered the child with a towel before dismembering his body and throwing the majority of the parts in a dumpster a mile away from his apartment. Police found the severed feet of the child wrapped in tin foil inside of Aron's kitchen freezer.

The New York Daily News reports that Michael Mazzella, the president of the New York State Corrections Officers and Police Benevolent Association wants local district attorneys to prosecute inmates who attack and injure staff.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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