NJ Billboard Calls President Trump an “Idiot”

Photo Credit:  Alice Stockton-Rossini

Some residents of Union Township, New Jersey are upset with a billboard in town that calls President Trump an “idiot.”

The sign on Morris Avenue reads "Our Leader The Idiot," along with a picture of President Trump.  It says a new film is coming soon and adds “2 faced…2 years…2 long!”

That's caused some people to complain.

"It was very offensive and I'm really upset about the town council.  If this was an Obama billboard, the people would be up in arms.  They would say it's discriminatory, okay?  But because it's Donald Trump, it's like it's acceptable behavior.  Well that's not true," one man told WOR's Alice Stockton-Rossini.  

"It's the respect for the presidency, whether it's Donald Trump or Obama.  It shouldn't be up there," the man added.

Some didn't even notice the billboard until it was pointed out to them and others had no problem with it.

"I have seen it but I had no response to it.  I just drove by," a woman said.  

"No, I'm not offended by it.  I don't care, no," another woman said.  "Everyone has their point of view.  Everyone has their own opinion.  Why not?  It's America, you can voice your opinion," another woman said.

The township posted a message on Facebook saying that it has no involvement with the sign.

“We wanted to take this time to remind you all that while we take these matters very seriously, Billboards are privately owned and as such the Township of Union has no authority or role in approving what goes up on each of them,” the township said in a statement.

It’s unclear how long the billboard will be up.

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