Bronx Man Dead in Jet Ski Crash

An unidentified man was killed when the Jet Ski he was piloting slammed into a boat moored at Evers Marina in the Pelham Bay section of the Bronx. 

A 26-year-old woman who was a passenger on the Jet Ski was also badly injured.

Witnesses of the incident told the police that they saw the man and the woman cruising around near the marina for a good hour before the crash.  

"People were out enjoying the beautiful summer evening when suddenly you heard this terrible crash followed by a young woman screaming for help," said Melissa Wissmiller, a bystander who called 911 after the accident 

She added, "Both victims were thrown off the Jet Ski. The guy landed face down in the water and didn't move; the young woman was yelling for help and seemed really shook up."

The man was retrieved from the water and transported to Jacobi Medical Center where he later died from severe head trauma. The passenger was also taken to Jacobi Medical Center and is listed in satisfactory condition with a non-life threatening leg injury.

The New York Post reports that there was at least one person on the boat the Jet Ski hit. That person was not injured.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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