NYC Speed Cameras Will Be Turned Back On

Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed an executive order to turn speed cameras in New York City back on in time for the start of school.

One hundred forty cameras in school zones went dark last month after the State Senate left Albany without renewing funding for the program.

“Speed cameras save lives. It is unequivocal. When you look at the data that has been produced since the speed cameras were put in place - before speed cameras, 18 children were killed per year. That went down to 8 children. That's 10 children's lives that were actually saved by the speed cameras,” Cuomo said.

The governor called this a “public safety emergency” because without the speed cameras, “there is a high probability that we will have the loss of human life.”  The City Council still has to take legislative steps as well, but the cameras will be activated on September 4th, the day before school begins in New York City.

“This is an aggressive legal action. I believe it is legally prudent and legally sustainable, but it is an aggressive legal action. But I believe we are also in extraordinary circumstances, and I'm not going to be a Governor who sits by and because the State Senate is playing politics and refusing to come back, we jeopardize human life, especially the lives of children,” Cuomo said.

Despite his action, the governor said the executive order isn’t a substitute for action by the state legislature.  He called on state lawmakers to pass a permanent law.

Photo Credit:  Getty Images

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