Political Junkies Await Democratic Gubernatorial Debate

Wednesday promises to be a boon for those who love political jousting because that is the day of the one and only Democratic debate between Cynthia Nixon and Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Cynthia Nixon, who is an estimated 30 points behind Governor Cuomo is expected to come out swinging in an attempt to get the governor to lose his cool and perhaps make another verbal gaff like his "America was never that great" quote from just over a week ago.

Steve Greenberg who works as a political pollster for Siena College said, "She (Nixon) needs to do something that will change the dynamic of the race. She needs to give people a reason to not just support her, but also not support the guy they're inclined to support."

Cuomo's people say the governor must keep his cool, give Nixon the respect she deserves, and focus on his accomplishments. Another source close to the governor is quoted in the New York Daily News saying, "Debates are half substance and half performance. One would expect as an award-winning actress she'll probably be better at the performance part of it than Andrew Cuomo will be."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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